Schleyer lab


This is the page of the Schleyer lab. We are an international research group at Hokkaido University, investigating learning & memory, decision-making and locomotion.

We try to understand the potentially biggest “Unknown” in our world – the brain. Our brain controls our behaviour and our body, yet despite great efforts we still have only a limited understanding of how it accomplishes its tasks. Our research therefore focusses on the much smaller and simpler brain of an invertebrate animal: the larva of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. With about 10,000 neurons and unparalleled tools to study the genetics and neuronal circuits on single-cell level, it is to date the best candidate study object to gain a comprehensive understanding how a brain works. Therefore, we investigate how larvae learn, remember and use the memory for making decisions.

Animation of a Drosophila larva. Colour-coded is the forward velocity. After 30 s, optogenetic activation of command neurons in the brain make the animal crawling backwards.


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Our research

We study what you could call "Insect psychology" - what and how does a little insect with a simple brain "think"

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